About The Team

*Due to the current circumstances with COVID-19, We are unable to hold lessons and attend shows. This makes all of our current members non-riding members, so each member will only pay $30 for the Fall 2020 semester. All dues will be paid online.

The Purdue Equestrian Team is an inclusive team that takes riders from all different equine backgrounds and invites them to participate in the hunt seat equitation discipline in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association. To learn more about IHSA click here! There is a place for everyone on the team, even those who have never ridden a horse before, and we have two types of memberships: riding and non riding.​​​

Non Riding Members: Whether you aren’t interested in riding, or do not make the riding team, you can participate as a non riding member. As a non riding member, you have the opportunity to participate in fundraisers, barn work sessions, socials, equine education, and other activities. Being a non riding member is great for students wanting to see what the team is all about without the time and financial commitment of riding. 

Single Semester Financials:
Club dues: $35

*For Fall 2020: all members are non-riding members as we are not able to hold lessons or attend shows. Below is the typical financials for riding members for future reference only.

Riding Members: We are currently accepting 50 riding members each semester, with tryouts being hosted in the fall. As a riding member, you have the opportunity to take weekly group lessons, compete at intercollegiate horse shows, and participate in fundraisers, socials, barn work sessions, and other activities.

Single Semester Financials:
Riding Dues: $600
IHSA Membership: $45
Horse Show Entry Fees: $35 per class