Q: Do I need to bring my own horse to ride on the team?
A: Absolutely not! We have 8 fabulous horses that we use in our team lessons and they all come with their own tack!

Q: I have a horse that I think would be a great addition to the team! Can I donate them?
A: Yes, we currently accept donations and free-leases. For donations you can receive a tax write off or tax deduction. If you or someone you know is considering donating a horse please contact our Coach Kathryn for more details. Her email can be found under the “Meet the Coaches” Tab.

Q: How far away is the barn from Purdue?
A: Our facility is about 25 minutes off campus. No car? No worries! We make sure at least one member in each lesson has a vehicle.

Q: Can I come visit the barn?
A: Yes you can! However, because our facility is a private property, all visitors must be accompanied by our coach, Kathryn, or one of the executive board members during the duration of their tour or visit! Please do not show up unannounced.

Q: I have never ridden a horse before! Can I still be on the team?
A: We take students of ALL experience levels! This includes those who have never ridden before. IHSA offers a walk/trot division for riders with less than 24 weeks of instruction.

Q: What is expected of me as a PET Member?
A: Be involved! You are required to participate in at least two fundraisers, but other than that we just want everyone to be involved, come to meetings, come to socials, attend lessons and shows, and be a contributing member of the team.

Q: How many times a week do members ride?
A: All members take lessons once a week.

Q: Can I bring my horse to college with me and ride them in lessons?
A: Team lessons are taken on team horses. The barn that we train at (Camp Tecumseh), does not offer private boarding, but many team riders bring their horses and keep them at other barns near campus.

Q: What does being a non-riding member involve?
A: As a non-riding member, you get the chance to bond with other horse lovers through socials, volunteering, work sessions, and other non-riding activities. There is also a chance to work up to being a riding member in following semesters. Non-riding members can also cheer on riders at horse shows and be a part of the overall experience.

Q: Can I be a riding member without showing?
A: We only have showing members due to the large number of members who want to both ride and show.

Q: What do I need to bring to school with me if I want to ride on the team?
A: Breeches, boots (tall boots or half chaps), gloves, and a helmet are recommended. We do have a riders closet and share clothing for horse shows, but options and sizes are limited. Showing members should bring their show attire, but we do share as well!

Q: I’m an IHSA alumni, how do I stay involved?
A: IHSA offers an alumni division where you have the opportunity to compete all year and potentially go to IHSA Nationals! We also love hearing from PET alumni and featuring them on social media so reach out to our alumni representative to get involved!

Q: How do I donate to the Jerry Steinmetz Endowment Fund?
A: Click on the ‘Donate’ tab up above!