Important Dates

At team meetings, both riding and non-riding members come together to discuss upcoming events going on with the team, or further their horse knowledge by listening to guest lecturers! Attendance is very much encouraged!

Fall 2021

August 24th @ 7 PM in Lawson B155: TEAM CALLOUT

August 25th @ 7 PM in Lily G126: First Team Meeting

August 26th and 27th @ : Tryouts

September 7th @ 7pm in Lilly G126 Team Meeting

September 12th @ 5:30 PM Jump Painting Party at Double H

October 5th @ 7pm in Lilly G126 Team Meeting

October 30-31st: 1ST SHOW! @SMWC

November 2nd @7 PM in HAMP 1144 Team Meeting

November 6-7th: SHOW @ Charlu Farm in Brazil, IN