Purdue Equestrian Team’s Fundraising Three Day

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Dear Members, Alumni, and Supporters of the Purdue Equestrian Team,

We have an exciting announcement to share! As many of you know, we are an entirely self-funded team. We rely in no small part on generous donations from all of you to offset the cost of many of the day-to-day expenses that come with several horses and a sizable IHSA team. In the past, we have asked for your support several times throughout the year, whether it be during custom ink fundraisers or skip-a-meal days at local restaurants. This year, we have decided to try things slightly differently. We will be doing two big fundraising events; Purdue Day of Giving (PDOG), where we have seen phenomenal engagement raising money to go towards our endowment for future generations of the team. We would now like to introduce our brand new self-run event, The Purdue Equestrian Team Fundraising Three Day. All funds of our new event go towards our everyday expenses: horse supplies, Halloween and Christmas parties, senior and coach gifts, our End-of-Year banquet, funding our team travel to postseason shows, and more.

This new fundraising format will allow us to focus our fundraising efforts, taking the strain off of our current members, hopefully streamlining fundraising for years to come, and allowing us to offer a wider range of PET items not geared toward fundraising, but instead to fun items, throw-backs to old team logos and styles, mugs, Carharts, and more. The first annual Purdue Equestrian Team Fundraising Three Day will take place from Friday, August 6th to Sunday, August 8th

Throughout this weekend we will have a series of challenges similar to PDOG with prizes including items from artists and team members, the dedication of a team stall to a person or horse close to your heart, and, special for our current members, a fun day of riding games at the barn. More information is included below, including prize lists, contest specifics, and a breakdown of some expenses we hope to put donations towards. In the meantime, we hope you are as excited about this new venture as we are. We have put a lot of work into this over the past few months to ensure that our first time with this event goes as smoothly as possible. Forward this email to as many friends and family of the team as you can think of. We hope that we can count on your support for a very fun and successful weekend!


The Purdue Equestrian Team Executive board

Team Member challenge details

Figure out which group of five you are in, or which one you’ll be supporting here!

The fine Print: 

  •  This can be combined with other competitions (for example if someone wants to donate on behalf of group 1 and graduating years 90-95 on one donation that is fine) 
  • Only one team dedication per donation (cannot be dedicated to group 1 and group 5) 
  • Winners will be announced after the competition 

How to participate: 

  • Get together with your teammates virtually
  • Post on social media (don’t forget to tag us and feel free to use the logo attached) 
  • Come up with a cool team name (not mandatory but points for effort) – must be solidified on the linked google sheet by midnight 8/5 
  • Reach out to friends and family and alumni! 

Alumni Challenge Details

How it works: 

  • Alumni will be split into teams based on year of graduation
  • Donors (including alumni themselves) can pledge their donations toward a particular team 
  • The team with the most money raised will be able to dedicate a stall to who/whatever they see fit with personalized engraving. 

The Fine Print: 

  • This can be combined with other competitions (for example if someone wants to donate on behalf of graduating years 90-95 and on behalf of members participating in our Team challenge in one donation that is fine)
  • Only one team dedication per donation (cannot be dedicated to the classes of 80-84 and to the classes of 90-94 ) 
  • Winners will be announced after the competition, and an email will sent out to those who donated to winning team to determine the contents of the dedication

How to win 

  • Get on social media and share your memories of being on the team – please tag us! 
  • Reach out to your former team members
  • Donate!!!!

Teams (by graduating year)

  1. 1980 – 84
  2. 1985 – 89
  3. 1990 – 94
  4. 1995 – 99
  5. 2000 – 2004
  6. 2005 – 2009
  7. 2010 – 2014
  8. 2015 – 2021