Galloping into the New Year

After a great start in the Fall semester, The Purdue Equestrian Team sits at the top of the region and has been invited to participate in the 2018 Tournament of Champions. The tournament will be held in Athens, Ohio on January 20th, and Purdue has put together a great team of riders to represent us! Stay tuned to cheer on our riders!

The 2018 Purdue Tournament of Champions Team:


Chris Johnson (’18)- Open Fences
Lindsay L
Lindsay Lucas (’20)- Open Flat
Claire Meyer (’19)- Intermediate Fences, Intermediate Flat
Andrea M
Andrea Marti (’20)- Novice Fences, Novice Flat
Tyler M
Tyler McEvoy (’20)- Walk-Trot-Canter









Nick S
Nick Steffen (’18)- Walk-Trot

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