Important Team Update!

Unfortunately, we will not be riding this semester. We will not have lessons or attend competitions, however we are still trying our best to be an active club! We will be doing things such as *small* on-campus group activities, Zoom meetings, hearing from speakers, and more. We are still hoping to ride and show during the Spring 2021 semester, but no promises. We will not be asking full riding member dues, and we really would love our members to still be active and part of the team!INCOMING FRESHMAN: The virtual B Involved Fair will be on August 22nd from 12-4 on Zoom. We will post a link as we get closer! Please be sure to come check us out to hear more about how to be involved. For those of you interested but now debating joining because we aren’t riding, we still encourage you to join. Your participation will look good when you go to try out once riding starts back upπŸ˜‰ Also, we will give local barn recommendations if you’d like to take lessons outside of the team. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND JOINING DESPITE THE CHANGE!! We are sorry things had to happen this way, but we are still going to have a good time πŸ’›πŸ–€ We look forward to seeing you all this year (whether it’s in person or on the computer screen πŸ˜…)! Boiler up!

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