2019-2020 Team Awards

Since we did not get to have our usual end-of-year banquet in the spring, we decided to share the awards and their recipients online.

Team Spirit goes to Amelia Buckmaster! Amelia has always gone above and beyond for our team and has been a constant source of positive energy.

Ameila Buckmaster

The MVP senior Award goes to Andrea Stout! Andrea has been a very active and competitive team member who has been someone people feel they can look up to on the team!

Andrea Stout

This year’s Sportmanship Award goes to Rachel Roth. Rachel has always been so kind and positive in and out of the ring.

Rachel Roth

The Workhorse Award goes to Isaac Huntington! Isaac is always helping out at shows and can usually be found horse holding. He’s a very active team member and a helping hand.

Isaac Huntington

The Award for Most Involved Non-Riding Member (non-exec) goes to Emma Nikolai! She is always at shows, meetings and social events supporting her teammates and showing her love for the club!

Emma Nikolai

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