Riding into the Post-Season

At the conclusion of the 2017-2018 show season on March 4th at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, The Purdue Equestrian Team was honored to be the winning team of the region and will move on to compete at the IHSA Zones competition on April 8th at Missouri State. Additionally, the Purdue Equestrian Team had nine riders qualify individually for the IHSA Regional competition which is to be held on March 31st at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College. Congratulations to all and good luck in the upcoming weeks!

2018 Regional Qualifiers:

Chris Johnson (’18)- Open Fences, Open Flat

Andrea Stout (’20)- Open Fences

Lindsay Lucas (’20)- Novice Fences, Intermediate Flat

Lexie Lobo (’17)- Novice Fences

Juliet Heye (’18)- Novice Fences, Novice Flat

Claire Meyer (’18)- Novice Flat

Kaitlyn Evans (’19)- Novice Flat

Lauren Lance (’20)- Walk-Trot-Canter

Maddie Henderson (’20)- Walk-Trot-Canter

2018 Zones Team

Open Fences: Chris Johnson (’18)

Open Flat: Chris Johnson (’18)

Intermediate Fences: Claire Meyer (’19)

Intermediate Flat: Claire Meyer (’19)

Novice Fences: Andrea Marti (’20)

Novice Flat: Andrea Marti (’20)

Walk-Trot-Canter: Claire Brady (’21)

Walk-Trot: Nick Steffen (’18)

2 thoughts on “Riding into the Post-Season

  1. Do your students board and ride their own horses at lessons and shows?

    -Maggie Lewis Colley
    Purdue Alumni ’96


    1. Hi Maggie, students ride team lesson horses in all lessons. Additionally, IHSA is centered around the ability to ride a totally new horse without any warm up. At shows, all the horses are provided and we draw from a hat the name of a horse that we compete on. Some students board their horses at nearby farms and ride them on their own time.
      Hope this helps!


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